Super Bolt

GameOff Submission

Cliches used: Screw Loose, Save the Princess, Exploding RED Barrels

Teamsize: Solo

The little robot Bolt is on an adventure to save the princess Wrench from an evil bot!

Win against challanging enemies and levels! Use the PowerUps to blast your way through walls and bots alike and Unleash the Power of the 4 bumpers to defeat the evil 404!



Arrows left & right  

A & D

Controller Joystick Left & Right (config for PS4 Controller)



Controller X (south button) PS4

Controller B (Xbox)


Left MouseButton

Keyboard J 

Controller [Square]  (West Button) PS4

Controller A (XBox)


Arrows, WASD, Controller Joystick

Space to swim faster.

Assets used:




You can join my Discord here:

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(7 total ratings)
Tags2D, Fangame, Pixel Art, Singleplayer


Download 55 MB


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nice game, good job!

oh thanks ^^

What the hell!! this is a gamejam submission??? daaamn. You are on fire, Thetra! This game is amazing! Nice work!!

oh thanks a lot  :) I try to work further on this but need a little break from it :) maybe till Summer there is a bigger version of it out ;)

Amazing game! Reminds Mario styled game, nostalgia ;)

Awesome game, really well done. Any chance of getting a native linux version as well?

should not be a problem but currently I have no time - wait a little for my vaccation (2 weeks I think!?)

Thanks a lot, I will await patiently. Again, great job, the game is very nice.

thanks a lot!


Thanks a lot for all your Support 

Tune in with his Streams at:

This is really good!! Great job bro keep up the great work!!

Thank you very much!

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hey so when i open the game my win defender pops up. i really want to try the game but i rather have it downloaded. the wierdest bit is it uses unity. can you please try to fix that as i cant run it rn cuz im on my parents laptop and idk how to get to the bios to enable sumthing to allow me to run  a vm. thx 

edit: can you pls make the cursor a bit larger or is it only that small on the web version? pretty good game tho. also sorry for the wall off text

I don t know how to fix an issue on you machine but sorry to read that q.q  - thanks for playing and the curser is simply small sorry

Ok thx. Ill try installing it today as i got a new pc and it has win11. It could just be win10

that's a cool game, reminds me of the old super mario games


Thanks a lot, that was the target of the Game :)

Very nice! I like the artstyle very much 


Thanks a lot, please prais ALB_PIXEL for the artstyle - he is the creator of the assetPack :D

It's a cool game, I'll definitely finish it when I have time.

You are a cool gamer! Happy you liked it!